Basic needs kits and custom packs

Including non-perishables, personal hygiene items, women and children clothing, toys and books; all based on preferences, age and size of children and mothers/caretakers.

We try to make them as customizable as possible so they feel tended and listened to. On their birthday we also include a special gift ideally related to their favorite TV show or character.

Bedside Entrepreneurship

Mothers and caretakers spend day and night at their children’s bedside, and they need to find a way to financially support themselves.

That is why we decided to start the program Bedside Entrepreneurship in which these women are trained with the support of private companies to learn simple tasks that can be done under the aforementioned circumstances. Later on, they can sell their creations under the “Mothers of JM” label.

We have worked so far with trades like jewelry making, makeup, hairdressing and mobile phones repair. If you are a company or individual that can create or teach a course, we invite you to contact us and join our program.


Children and adolescents, as well as mothers and caretakers need all the support we can get them. In all our years of service we have realized that this support should even help cover their basic needs.

Some of them need help getting their children to the hospital; others cannot afford the extremely high costs of the required laboratory testing. Also, most cannot cover funeral related costs when needed either.

They are not alone. Our job is to raise funds to cover all these expenses and make strategic agreements with laboratories and funeral homes.

Birthday Party Sponsorships

For us is very important that during the tough situation these kids are going through they keep their spirits up and enjoy their birthday and other celebrations throughout the year.

On the last Friday of every month, we have a birthday celebration on the fifth floor of the J.M de los Ríos Hospital. We invite kids from other wings and their families to join in to sing happy birthday.

If you are interested in sponsoring or donating to this program, contact us. Children’s faces light up when they get to see singers, clowns or even Disney princesses and Mickey Mouse.

Healthcare sector support

We know our job would not be possible without the help of the healthcare personnel whose heroic efforts save lives everyday.

Bearing that in mind, we seek donor support so they can attend pediatric conferences, seminars and specialties. We also offer the opportunity of sponsoring a resident doctor so they can receive direct wire tranfers and have the opportunity to continue their education.

Also, in 2018, we brought back the J.M. de los Ríos healthcare personnel choir called Las voces del JM. Accompanied by of a music teacher, doctors, nurses and other hospital employees often perform in our birthday parties and other celebrations.

Documentation and Social Impact

We systematically register human rights violations against the children and their caretakers. We have a data collecting process in place to make sure we get the necessary information to take legal action if needed.

Health, nourishment, education and recreation are among the fundamental Human Rights and if one of them is being diminished is our obligation to join forces and mobilize for change.

We cannot abide by these violations or let them go unnoticed. We will not allow that children with chronic pathologies continue loosing their quality of life. You can help our cause here.